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Petite interview de Saurik alias Jay Freeman, le créateur de CYDIA.

Expliquant son implication dans le Jailbreak de l'iOS4.

Personal Projects

  • Anakrino - first C# decompiler for Microsoft's .NET
  • Chora/SVN - web client for Subversion, beating ViewSVN to market
  • Cycorder - first high speed (MJPEG) video recorder for the iPhone
  • Cydia - iPhone APT frontend used on >2 million jailbroken devices
  • Cyrket - Android Market client for desktop web browsers
  • FQL/JDBC - JDBC driver for Facebook's FQL
  • ircWAB - HTTP based IRC client, without Java or Flash
  • Java/iPhone - port of Java to the iPhone (with Objective-C connectors)
  • Menes/C++ - high-level platform abstraction and utility library for C++
  • Nmap+V - original versioning port scanner with XML scripting
  • s3fs - in-kernel, high-performance Linux filesystem for S3
  • Telesphoreo - distribution of Unix software for modern smartphones
  • Quotes - Facebook application for sharing what your friends have said


  • CyberUniverse - web design and consulting company (in high school)
  • Gnostic Labs - Eschaton: Chain of Command (a team action strategy game)
  • Let's Cram - social homeworking for high school students


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